Cross Over Course in Lebanon

technical 07.02.2018

CMAS TC member and Instructor trainer Mr. Rezik Abdelaziz director for standards and equivalencies, help the Lebanon federation with at crossover course for 8 instructors. The instructor candidates have great experience from other training organizations. All is highly trained and has huge experience.

The course was done together and with great help from Mr. Simon Khoury, member of the CMAS BOD and president of the underwater festival. The TC is very thankful for all the help from Mr. Simon Khoury.

This 4-day training course allowed us to have in the CMAS family 8 instructors with a great experience and a very high level of practice.

The CMAS does not intend to stop in such a good way it will help all federations wishing this kind of update. The course in Lebanon is the first one in a series of courses.

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