4th Panamerican Championship

spearfishing 11st - 15th Sep 2013 Miami, USA

Report from the IV Pan American Championship of Spear Fishing

This IV Pan American, has been held in Miami, USA, during the days 13 and 14 of September 2013 and has the participation of the following Countries:

  • Argentina
  • Brasil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Venezuela and
  • USA ( host )

The teams were received at Hotel Mutiny located at the area of Coconut Grove, Miami, very closed from the operations area (marina and boats hangar) and in terms of lodgement for the delegations, everything was correct.

Immediately after my arrival, I detected that there was just one person taking care of everything concerning the Championship and with the pass of the days I do confirm this fact ; Dr Erick Salado the almost only person that, since the elaboration of the private Rules, work very difficult due the Florida Laws with lots of restrictions and specially the need to change the control of the fishes, that locally used to be by length and due to follow the CMAS rules, they have to be modified to be controlled by weights, up to all details concerning the Championship, do not receive almost no one support, that obliged him to work practically alone.

A special note of distinction for the strength and good wish shown by Dr Erick Salado that, without his collaboration, the Championship shouldn’t be performed.

In the day 12th by 09.30, starts the “Captains meeting” conducted by the International Judge nominated, Mr. Walter Roldan from Colombia.
During the meeting, was presented the plan of safety assistance, settled and clarified the zones of competition, revised the list and punctuation of the fishes, and the distribution of the support boats which number at this moment were not enough for all the competitors. This problem was postponed to the morning before the first day of the Competition.

That same day, by 17.30 h, starts the “Opening Ceremony” with the presentations of the teams, followed by the CMAS protocols, flags, and hymns and finished with the official open speech made by the CMAS Vice President Mr. Xavier Duran.

Early in the morning of the day 13th, the Organization (Dr Salado) made all arrangements to guaranty the support boats for all participants and the group leaves the harbour with 1 hour and 30 minutes late then the schedule and the Competition starts at 10.30h.

In what concerns the Competition, the sea was calm, the visibility of the water was good and most of all participants could catch good quantities of fish. During this stage, no complaints were presented.

For the weight of the fish we faced again with 2 difficult: the weighting system was not completely gauged and the balance that was regulated to work in pounds had to be modified to read Kgs.
After the problems solved, the weighting proceed and finish without problems and complains.

The 2nd day, the 14th of September, as all situation with the boats were corrected, the Competition starts under the schedule and carry on again with good weather conditions and finish on time, without any problem or complain.
On this 2nd day everything was settled, the weighting proceeds without any complain and the final score was settled (see in annex the final classifications, Individual and for the teams)

Immediately after the issue of the results, we proceed to the CMAS permeation, following all CMAS standards with the delivery of the CMAS medals to the 3 first classified (see in annex photo of the podium), flags, hymns and finish with the speech of closure, made by the CMAS Vice President Mr. Xavier Duran.

Before the ceremony, it was performed the anti doping test to 3 athletes.

The day finish with an official diner during which the Organisation ( Dr. Salado ) offered trophies to the teams, to the big fish and a distribution by draw several fishing equipment.

As a last information and per request of several Federations, at the day 11th September, I did perform a course for International Judges of Spear Fishing tha had the participation of the following persons:
(See annex photo from left to right.)

Rugelio Flores - President of Mexico Federation
Alvaro Ordonez - Sports Director of Colombia Federation ( not in the photo )
Martin d’Estefano - Sports Director of Venezuela Federation
Georges Martens - Sports Director of Brasil Confederation
Xavier Duran - Vice President of CMAS
Rafael Herrera - President of Peru Federation

Barreiro, 24 of September, 2013

Antonio Julio Cruz
President of Spear Fishing Commission

Final Rankings (by Competitor)

1. USAHarolf Dean 186,48%
2. VENGabriel Acosta173,72%
3. VENAlexandre Ortega149,29%
4. BRAAlex Yamaguchi144,70%
5. BRAFernando Carvalho130,36%
6. VENAnderson Agreda127,59%
7. USAAlex Bristol114,95%
8. CHIMiguel Soto60,20%

Final Ranks (by Nation)

1. VENGabriel Acosta
Alexandre Ortega
Anderson Agreda
2. USAHarolf Dean
Alex Bristol
Sergey Lopez
3. BRAAlex Yamaguchi
Fernando Carvalho
Fernando Thoni
4. PERPaolo Corbatto
Carlos Fung
Santiago Rizppatre
5. CHIMiguel Soto
Roger Carrillo Lefno
Jorge Zepeda
6. COLAlvaro Ordonez
Jorge Pareja
German Lemaitre
7. ARGJavier Nunez
Martin Hocko
Carios Dubas
8. MEXRafael Arevalo
Rommel Arevalo
Alberto jacome
Luis Turrent

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