27th World Spearfishing Championship

spearfishing 17th - 19th Sep 2010 Mali Losinj, CRO

Report of the 27th World Championship of Spearfishing

The 27th World Championship of Spearfishing was held in the area of Mali Losinj, Croatia. Twenty  countries participated on the competitions:

  • Algeria
  • Brasil
  • Bulgaria
  • Chile
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Croatia
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • Peru
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • USA
  • San Marino
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Tahiti
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Great Britain


During the days of observation, the weather was sunny and almost no wind.

During the 2 days of Competition, the weather had changed for rain and south wind and the spearfishers had to face more difficulty in their performance.

Besides this fact, the Competition run normally, following the standards and the rules and no complains were shown.

The Organisation was perfect, following the CMAS protocol rules, the electronic weighting programme was very well performed and the results during the weighting process were shown on line.

The main quantity of fishes catch was congers and there were also a considerable number of fishes of different species.

Al together they catch near 300 fishes and to compensate, the Organisation release around 3.000 small fishes with 1 year age, born in captivity.

As they played at home, the Croatians won the Competition Individually and per Countries.

The final results are in the annex file.

Antonio Cruz
President of Spearfishing Commission

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