Committees / Scientific committee/News/11.11.28 Diving team compiling flora database

Science 28.11.2011

Kuwait Diving Team is compiling a database of all information possible on marine flora found in Kuwaiti waters where the seabed is made of rock, head of the team Walid Al-Fadhil told KUNA Sunday.

Al-Fadhil said the great support by the political leadership to team activities aimed at preserving the state's marine environment greatly enhances drive and motivation among members.

The team, pointed out, is documenting locations where flora is found, their type, state, properties such as size and colour, as well as other creatures with which they interact or upon which they are co-dependent.

The members work to shed light on means to maintain the best conditions possible to enable flora to thrive and to maintain the health of the Kuwaiti marine environment in general. The members also cooperate with researchers in all state bodies and other institutions who are looking more deeply into any components of the Kuwaiti marine environment, and there is a need for much more research and attention to this field in Kuwait, he stressed.

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