We Regret to Inform You of the Death of Mr Charles Giuria Vitale



We regret to inform you of the death of Mr Charles Giuria Vitale, at the age of 90, who was the founder of the first diving institution in our country, the Uruguayan Association of Underwater Activities (AUDAS) and our Federation (FUAS).


A man of the sea, a practitioner of all forms of underwater activities, a scholar of shipwreck stories that had the fortune of being Captain Jacques Cousteau's (1961) host and spending a Christmas eve aboard the Calypso, together with its crew.


He was and will be no doubt the most complete diver in our country; a good, honest, hardworking, learned, intelligent, didactic and extremely enthusiastic man.


His last dive was in 2010, at the Underwater Fishing Championship, 50th Anniversary of AUDAS, of which he has been the President until today.


Years ago, the CMAS awarded him a Gold Medal in recognition of his career.


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