Underwater World Apnea Outdoor Championship- Ischia Island, Naples, Italy


The CMAS Underwater World Apnea Outdoor Championship in its first edition, organized by FIPSAS, will take place on the Island of Ischia, in the locality of Sant’Angelo (Municipality of Serrara Fontana) from 4 to 11 October 2015.

The following specialties will be staged:  

1. Constant weight with two fins (CWT BP) M/F 
2. Constant weight with monofin (CWT) M/F
3. Constant weight without fins (CNF) M/F
4. Jump Blue (JB) M/F 

In the last few years, FIPSAS, in agreement with CMAS, has introduced changes to competitive outdoor apnea activity, turning the traditional formula of individual record attempts into extemporaneous competitions among several divers. . 

In addition to being a major international event, with the participation of the world’s best divers, this initiative will also be an opportunity to attract all outdoor apnea enthusiasts to Ischia. The Organising Committee has planned a number of initiatives, including a “tourist package” offer aimed at all FIPSAS members. 

Participating countries are: Algeria, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Italy, Morocco, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey and Venezuela.


Sunday 4 October  
Arrival and check-in of National Teams
Checking of documents and issue of badges

Monday 5 October
Morning: Official practice CWT – CWT BP – CNF – JB
Afternoon: Opening Ceremony at Piazzetta di Sant’Angelo; followed by Technical Meeting 

Tuesday 6 October
Morning: CWT competition M/F
Afternoon: CWT M/F Prize-giving; followed by Technical Meeting 

Wednesday 7 October
Morning: CWT BP competition M/F 
Afternoon: CWT BP M/F Prize-giving; followed by Technical Meeting

Thursday 8 October
Morning: Official practice CNF – JB 
Afternoon: Technical and cultural meetings; followed by Technical Meeting

Friday 9 October 
Morning: CNF competition M/F
Afternoon: CNF M/F Prize-giving; followed by Technical Meeting 

Saturday 10 October
Morning: JB competition M/F
Afternoon: JB M/F Prize-giving – Closing ceremony and final party

Sunday 11 October

Departure from Ischia


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