The 1st CMAS Apnea Outdoor World Championships Have Ended with Overall Success


 24 medals have been assigned to the Champions and 5 new World Records have been achieved.

Rome 19/10/2015. The 1° CMAS Apnea Outdoor World Championships, which has taken place in Italy, in the astonishing waters of the sea of Ischia island, have ended with overall success of the event.

The participation of many teams, coming from all over the World, has been important. Final list has been: Austria, South Korea, Croatia, Ecuador, France, Italy, Morocco, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Turkey and Venezuela. A pity has been the last minute defection of Mexico and Algeria, due to the not good conditions of the athlete in the first case, and to ministerial authorization problems for the second.

24 medals have been assigned to Italy, France, Croatia, Turkey, Ecuador and Venezuela.







10 5:

1 CWT, Zecchini*

2 CWT BP, Giurgola, Obino

1 CNF Zecchini*

1 JB Zecchini*

2 CWT, Giurgola, Obino

1 CWT BP Ferri

1 CNF Giurgola
1 CWT, Ferri


5 2:

1 CNF, Dubern

1 JB Boeri*
1 CNF Jacquin 2:

1 CWT BP Dubern

1 JB Delpit


2 1 CWT Colak* 1 JB Lijic Vulic -


5 - 1 CWT BP Ercumen 4:

1 CWT Ercumen

2 CNF Arikok, Ercumen

1 JB Erken


1 - 1 JB Rosado Estrada -


1 - - 1 CWT BP Mendez

*World Record

 The nations that have not obtained medals, have anyway had the great opportunity to live the emotions of the World Championships, get to know the World Champions of the different specialities and discuss on the best diving techniques. This will permit the diffusion of the apnea discipline more and more on a Worldwide scale.

In addition to the medals, the 1° CMAS Apnea Outdoor World Championships have also led to the obtainment of up to 5 new World Records. These have been set respectively by the Italian Alessia Zecchini, who has won Gold Medal and obtained World Record in all three specialities she has participated to (CWT, with - 93 meters, CNF, with – 58 meters, and JB, with 190,48 meters), by the Croatian Goran Colak in CWT, with – 110 meters, and the French Guerin Boeri in JB, with 201,61 meters. The speciality of CWT BP, instead, has been proposed as an experimental competition, so, this year, it has not given any official record.  
It is always complicated to organize, with success, a first time event of a new Championship, moreover structured in an innovative and exiting form. Still, the great participation of Nations from all over the World, the effective execution of all competitions of the 4 specialities programmed, both for the women and men categories, the constantly present and careful organization, strongly focused on the safety of the athletes, have permitted to set the bases, already today, for next year’s World Championships.

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