150th Anniversary of” Battle of Lissa”

technical confederation 26.07.2016

Relating to 150th anniversary of” Battle of Lissa”(wikipedia) and memorial diving event Mr. Neven Lukas the CMAS Board of Directors member and president of the Technical Committee  of the Croatian Diving Federation had an honour to be  nominated by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Croatian Conservation Institute (the entity for the protection and conservation of the cultural heritage) to deploy the memorial plaquettes dedicated to all victims of the battle on the wreck of Italian  flagship Re D'Italia. The wreck lays 10 NM north westerly from the island of Vis (Adriatic Sea ) on the depth of 120 meters.

This complex technical dive took place on 20th July 2016 (the exact date of 150th anniversary) by four  Croatian rebreather and technical divers Neven Lukas,Aleks Kvarantan, Drazen Goricki and Leo Lesic. During the 20-25 minutes bottom time apart of memorial plaquetts deploying, some  original ship's  objects, plates and bowls has been recovered for the needs of local  museum.

Participation of CMAS and Croatian Diving Federation  divers in this technical dive  confirms strong positions of our  Federation and  Confederation  in the world of rebreather and technical diving.

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