Record-breaking Arctic Ocean ice dive

technical 21.03.2016

The worldwide record of underwater diving, fixed in 2014 in Red Sea, by Egyptian Ahmed Gabr, went down to the depth of 332,35 meters. The record reached by the Italian athlete, Michele Geraci, is of 253 meters. But the new scuba-diving record in Arctic Waters belongs to the two Russian divers, Maksim Astakhov and Aleksandr Gubin of the Russian Geographic Society, broken last Saturday in White Sea, beyond the Polar Circle: 102 meters, reached through a hole made in the ice. Gubin and Astakhov spent 80 minutes in waters that, despite the temperature with less than 1,5 degrees, were not yet frozen because of the high concentration of salt.

The enterprise, as a part of a project called “The 13 Seas of Russia”, had the goal to test new equipments “made in Russia” suitable to extreme conditions, in Arctic, helping to elaborate new safety standards to the pressure of depth waters and at temperatures below zero.  The divers have also withdrawn samples of the sea floor: as announced by the Press Agency of the Russian Geographic Society.

The dive has been certified by the Serbian Bojana Ostojic, member of the team of Jacques Cousteau by 1988 and of the Underwater Activities World Confederation. A previous record broken by Russian Divers in Arctic was reached in Barents Sea in 2015: 111 meters of depth even if not reached through a hole in the Arctic Icecap.

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