SportAccord outreach program in World Juniors Championships ANNEMASSE

Finswimming 10.07.2016

We recall that CMAS is very sensitive for anti-doping. For this reason, in complementary of RTP group and tests program during CMAS competitions and championships, considering the importance of the information to the teams, to the coaches and also to the athletes, CMAS asked to SportAccord to organize one outreach program in this field the 5th and 6th at the beginning of the 14th Junior World Championships in Finswimming in Annemasse (France). It will be held specifically in two axes:

1.      Seminar for the coaches. It would consist in a power point presentation followed by questions and answers. It was organized before the technical coach meeting. The representative of the 27 participating countries took part.

2.      One-to-one educational sessions with athletes was conducted through the two days at the swimming pool with our young athletes when they have a little time. M. David DELFINI leaded also this operation with computer and/or tablets. Approximately 100 on 243 athletes had participated at this part

CMAS wish that these two days were very helpful for future of everybody.

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