General Assembly of CMAS Europe 2013

confederation 16.12.2013

Last December 14th, took place in Barcelona, Spain, the General Assembly of CMAS Europe, with the participation of 21 countries and the presence of Anna Arzhanova, the President of CMAS, and its Secretary General, Hassen Baccouche. Following favorable reports of its President: Jean-Louis Blanchard, its Secretary General: Juergen Warnecke, the Treasurer: Chris Eleftheriou and the other members of the BoD. The Assembly applauded the work done by this governing body.

Subsequently proceeded to the election of the new Board of Directors that has been formed by:

President: Kevin O'Shaughnessy (Ireland)

General Secretary: Cecilia Rockwell (Norway)

Treasurer: Chris Eleftheriou (Cyprus)

Chairman of the Technical Committee: Flemming Holm (Denmark)

Chairman of the Sports Committee: Alberto Azzali (Italy)

President of the Scientific Committee: John Geurts (The Netherlands)


Kelly McGinn (Spain)

Michael Frenzel (Germany)

Konstantinos Anagnostou (Greece)

From the CMAS, we want to thank the work done by the outgoing BoD and wish every success to the incoming and to FEDAS (Spanish Federation) as an organizer of the successful meeting.

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