CMAS Technical Committee vice-President in visit to Mauritius

technical 15.03.2016

As part of a friendly and informal visit, Leo TROIANO, Vice President of
Swiss Diving Federation CMAS -CH and Director of Standards in CMAS Technical Committee, visited his friend Peter Szalay, CMAS *** instructor.

President of the Mauritian Scuba Diving Association (MSDA) and co-responsible for a Diving Center in Flic en Flac in Mauritius, with Pascal AVA, CMAS **instructor.

Between traditional visits of Mauritius and underwater diving in different MSDA centers of the island, Leo TROIANO was able to meet several young instructors of the Mauritian Federation.

He replied in all simplicity but with great professionalism to questions about CMAS, and its standards, subject that dominates perfectly but also the future of their profession.

He spoke with Peter Szalay and Jean Loup D'Hotman, vice president of the MSDA, about points to work on for federation future: website, involvement of instructors in the federal life (certificates, trainings....).
This friendly visit was highly appreciated by all, especially the availability of Leo to give part of his vacation time to the new generation of instructors.

Sometimes, just a few right words are enough and when the Mauritius "no problem" meets the Swiss "no stress", the dynamism of a team can start again!

Leo will certainly return to Mauritius, conquered by the kindness of Mauritians and diving within MSDA centers ...

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