CMAS, condolences for the death of Enzo Maiorca

confederation 15.11.2016

The “king of the abyss” was a true pioneer in diving

CMAS (World Underwater Federation) expresses its big sadness for the death of Enzo Maiorca, historical figure of the UW sport and several times record man in apnea (freediving). The “king of the abyss” was a true pioneer in freediving, developing apnea modality when it was an unexplored world. Maiorca gained his first world record in 1960, reaching 45 meters in depth. During the 16 years of his career, before the temporary withdrawal in 1976, he collected several successes. At the end of the 80’s Maiorca resumed his activity, reaching 101 meters in depth with constant weight. This was the last achievement of one of the biggest freediver ever exist and CMAS wants to remember him with a special thought.

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