CMAS at Baku 2015- 1st European Games

Finswimming 02.07.2015

CMAS continues its leading work for a better visibility on finswimming. After the world games (first edition in 1981), the Universiades in Kazan, 2013, CMAS is on sport demonstration in the European games held in Baku.

For the event, a high level delegation composed of the President, the Secretary General, the President of finswimming commission, the jury, and the best swimmers was present to show the best of the sport of finswimming to the world.

Several countries were represented in the games: Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Competitions covered the distances of 100 m IM women, 50 m SF women, 50 m AP men, 100 m SF men.

The event was perfectly organized and technically very well covered by mass media.The World now knows were Baku is and appreciates its important capacity to organize such important sports events.

The World is also impressed and charmed by the beauty and the speed of finswimmers.

CMAS would be participating in the Mediterranean Beach Games next September in finswimming as an officially recognized discipline by the International Olympic Committee.

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