CMAS Activities during the Paris International Dive Show

confederation 15.01.2016

Based on the success of their first agreement about divers certificates, it was decided to extend the benefits to those for dive instructors.
An amendment to the contract was signed between CMAS and FFESSM during the Paris
International Dive Show by the Presidents of both parties.


Three-party agreement CMAS/FFESSM/CTUF
As part of the development of a new activity within CMAS- namely Speed Water, the leaders of CMAS invited a delegation from the Chinese Taipei Underwater Federation to attend the Paris International Dive Show to meet the responsible on this discipline in the Fédération Française d’Etudes et de Sports sous-marins and exchange points of view.
The idea of CMAS to create an Asian center for the promotion of Riverboarding with a center in Taiwan and a European center in France, was the subject of a tripartite agreement.


Finswimming World Junior Championship
The President of the FFESSM took the opportunity to inform the President of CMAS about the preparations to the Finswimming World Junior Championship.
The President expressed his satisfaction with this development.
The event's mascot was presented on this occasion.

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