Arthur Guérin-Boëri 175 m under ice!


The World Champion Arthur Guérin-Boëri and his team, supported by CMAS and FFESSM, joined Lake Sonnanen in Finland for a Freediving horizontally under Ice record-breaking test set at 175 m. Arthur's monofin lost during the journey did unfortunately not follow the movement but an alternative solution should be quickly found. This mishap has not prevented the champion to get himself into the water for a (very fresh) contact!

This first day was spent on the "line" of the 175 m. As an important preparation, it consists of an alignment of triangular holes spaced of 25 m with an intermediate hole at 12m between 150 and 175 m. The installation required the use of a quad tracked vehicle and many hours of chainsaw, saw and shovel to take out several tons of ice blocks.

Arthur was able to make a first session immediately afterwards to familiarize himself with the lake and its extreme conditions. He was also able to test a "van sauna" in order to prepare his first immersion and recover twenty minutes after. The training and conditioning sessions will thus follow one another for a record breaking attempt that should take place on Saturday. A Facebook live at 12:00 pm from Arthur's page. To be continued…

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