Apnea - In July Two Records Were Broken

free diving 04.08.2016

In the month of July 2016, two records attempts were broken in the discipline of Apnea:

On 10th July 2016, the athlete Michal RISIAN reached the depth of 65 meters in the specialty of Constant Weight without fins (CNF) at Fresh water (lake) in Weyregg Attersee (Austria).
The Divers Association for Czech Republic was responsible for the record attempt, and the Commissioners appointed by CMAS were Orhan Ölçücüoğlu (TUR) and Vedran Milat (CRO).



On 16th July 2016, the athlete Sertan AYDIN, under the responsibility of TSSF Turkish Underwater Sport Federation, broke with 200 meters the record in DYNAMIC apnea (DYN) Open Water (Sea).  The total performance was 02 min 24 sec.
For this event, held in Sarkoy Tekirdag (Turkey), the Commissioners appointed by CMAS were Michele Geraci (ITA) and Igor Orel (RUS).


Anti-doping rules were applied and samples were taken from the athletes according to the regulations, including beta-blockers test.

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