confederation 27.04.2016

Last week there was a huge celebration in Poland. 60th anniversary of the Underwater Activities Commission (KDP/CMAS) was held On 7-10th April, 2016 in Ryn Castle, Ryn in Poland.


Polish president representative Mr. Piotr Nowacki, Mr. Hassan Baccouche – Secretary General of CMAS, Mr. Valentin G. Stashevskiy – President of CRASA and other important national and international guests were present there.


Mr. Hassan Baccouche presented the information about the future of Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques.  At the end of the session a Q&A session was organised allowing to ask questions directly.


The Program of this Jubliee was very interested E.g. the following sessions were held:


“The decompression evolution” by Dr. Jacek Kot, MD, PhD-         


 “New technology in underwater devices”, “Dive computers alghoritms” by eng. Attilio Piacente


 “Underwater photography” by Piotr Stós from NAUTICA


 “Consider about diving medicine – nowadays and future” by prof. Frantisek Novomesky


Main celebration started on Saturday afternoon, April 9th.  The president of Polish Underwater Activity Commission (KDP/CMAS) Michal Gorny led the ceremony and honoured many of polish instructors and activists with occasional bronze medals and highest awards of the organization – bronze statuettes. Also other distinctions were granted e.g. PTTK distinctions.


CMAS General Secretary, Hassan Baccouche has received anniversary statuette in behalf of CMAS President Anna Arzhanova.


During the jubilee some time was planned for presenting the 60 years history of the federation, remembering the early days and people that were active at that time. The guests were touched by the fact that the first president of the organization was present on the ceremony.


After all formalities a ceremonial dinner was served and till late hours of the night, guests were able to play and celebrate this big event.




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