The IPA Principality of Monaco and the CMAS, Future friends

confederation 11.05.2010

At the invitation of Rainer GOTTWALD (supporting member of IPA) and the Federation of Thai Diving (TDA), a delegation of Monaco IPA travelled to Rome for a meeting of the CMAS. Resulting from this meeting and a meeting with the President of the TC it is hoped to establish an International Diving group of IPA associations. This will hopefully benefit both parties and bring new business.

From left to right: Peter Angibaud, Kevin O'Shaughnessy (President of the Technical Committee CMAS), Xavier PIGOT (IPA MONACO supporting member and group leader diving), Achille FERRERO (President of the CMAS), Rainer GOTTWALD (Delegation CMAS Thailand and supporting member IPA MONACO), Alessandro Zerbi (Secretary General CMAS), Ivan Nyíri (Vice President CMAS)

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