Board of Directors meeting, among others approves 2013-2015 Championships's Calendar, Underwater Hockey Rules and the 2013 Hockey World Championship

hockey confederation 20.04.2012

The CMAS BoD held its 177th meeting in Rome on the eve of the General Assembly in order to prepare the most important decisions for the forthcoming GA. Major issues and decisions on the agenda were:

- accounts of 2011, passed unanimously and will be presented to the General Assembly on the 21st April. Also budget of 2012 has been discussed and forwarded for the consideration of the GA,

- withdrawal of a number of federations from commissions where they were not active in the past years,

- affiliation request of federations and CDCs to join Scientific Committee and commissions Training Programmes of the Technical Committee were approved

- Juridical Commission evaluates disciplinary matters and makes recommendations

- Sports Committee - assisted by the Commission Presidents -, made a tremendous job by putting together and presenting to the Board proposals in respect of:

  • Underwater Photo rules - version 2011/00
  • Hockey Rules 05.10 - November 2010
  • Aquathlon Rules 2012/01
  • Appointment of Judge CMAS Championships Apnea "Michele Gerarci "
  • Appointment of Judge CMAS Championships Sport Diving "Fernando Bernal"
  • APNEA Rules Change
  • Free Immersion Apnea Rules CA172/2011
  • Speed Endurance Apnea Rules CA172/2011
  • Variable Weight Apnea Rules CA172/2011
  • Dynamic Apnea Rules CA 169/2010
  • Jump Blue Apnea Rules CA 169/2010
  • Static Apnea Rules CA171/2010
  • Constant Weight Apnea Rules CA 170/2010
  • Records anti-doping controls

After long time of drafting and re-drafting the alterations in the respective rules, Board finally approved them. Also the  event calendar for 2013 has been finalized, 2014 and 2015 events were discussed and a preliminary program has been put together. Proposals for the venue of the 2013 Elective General Assembly have  been put on the table of the BoD.

The 177th Meeting approved the proposal of the Hungarian Divers Federation to host the 2013 Underwater Hockey World Championship. The World Championship will be held in Eger-Hungary between the 23rd August-1st September 2013. The Organising Committee will be set up within two weeks and will carry out all the activities in order to make the WC not only a success, but a joyful and memorable geathering of the best CMAS athletes in this discipline.

All developments and organisational aspects will appear soon on the CMAS website and provide information about details of the Championship so federations  can plan their participation and pleasent stay in Eger. 

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