World Cup Coral Springs is underway!

Finswimming 12.05.2018

The 4th round of the 2018 World Cup Finswimming began this morning Saturday, May 12th. For the first time in the history of Finswimming, a competition and a round of the World Cup is held in North America and more particularly in the USA. This first experience is a great success for Finswimming and CMAS since in total 32 clubs, 135 participants representing 12 countries and 3 continents participate in this competition.

For the opening ceremony this morning, the local authorities of the county were represented by Saskia FISHER as well as CMAS America by its president William PENA, the director of the Finswimming commission CMAS Michel GAUNARD alongside Diego RODRIGUEZ, the organizer and the director of the competition. Since this morning, the events have been going on in a spirit of celebration, friendship and sportsmanship. 

Some results of Session N°1:

50m Apnea                                 Women


1       Colombia/Pronat Bogota                  AGUIRRE JOYA Paula Alejandra        00:16.50

2       China/China                                      HU  Yao Yao                                          00:16.68

3       China/China                                      ZHANG  Shu Ting                                 00:16.98



50m Apnea                                 Men

1       Colombia/Tiburones del Valle          FERNANDEZ CASTILLO Mauricio    00:14.37

2       Colombia/Barracudas del Valle        DUQUE JIMENEZ Juan David             00:14.99

3       Vietnam/Vietnam                              DO  Toan Dinh                                       00:15.08


800m Surface                                    Women

1       China/China                                      LI  Jia Yi                                                 07:10.21

2       Ukraine/Aqualeader                          CHUMAK  Yuliia                                  07:13.29

3       Colombia/ Tiburones del Vallee       MUNOZ LOAIZA Vanessa                   07:23.22


800m Surface                                    Men

1       Ukraine/Ukraine                                ODYNOKOV  Oleksandr                      06:35.02

2       Colombia/ Barracudas del Valle       HERNANDEZ MILLAN Camilo          06:43.45

3       Vietnam/Vietnam                              LUU  Tam Nguyen Duc                         06:45.03



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